Walking Dead mid season premiere gives fans a break

Grace Aiello

Spoiler Alert

After the graphic, scarring, and all around emotionally painful season premiere, the writers of The Walking Dead gave us an almost fun mid season premiere. Honestly, I think the fans just needed a break from Negan all together, and the clotheslining of all those zombies just added to the excitement.

In “Rock in the Road,” we find the protagonists coming together to plot a plan to take out Negan and his men for good. They are ready for war, as are the fans after losing some of their favorite characters in the beginning of the season. I know I am –  no one can hurt my Glen and get away with it. Though King Ezekiel may not agree yet, I believe he’ll eventually realize in the scheme of everything the Saviors must be taken down.

Overall, the episode wasn’t one of my favorites, but I believe it has shown promise for the rest of the season and left me wanting to know more. Especially about the mysterious new group who took Gabriel, well at least that’s what seems to be happening. I’m so excited for the rest of the season to play out and to watch our beloved characters keep growing.