Get Out makes you want to get out to the movies

Joe Gearhart

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In Graham High School, almost everyone has seen the brilliant and exciting movie, Get Out. On the first weekend of the movie’s release, the topic around school was heavily dominated by the new movie. A senior at Graham High School, Blake Goins, said, “The movie is an instant classic, and I could watch it over and over again and still be entertained and on edge.” On its first weekend release Get Out made an astonishing $30 million. In it’s second weekend out, it did not decline, as many people were still eager to watch this great movie. Here is the thing about Get Out: it is just that good. Believe the hype of this movie, and go see it.

Chris Washington is about to take that big step in a relationship, meeting the parents of his white girlfriend, Rose, on a weekend in her parent’s very pretty, rich, and affluent community. When Chris asks if her parents know that he is black, Rose calmly assures him that her father will like him and that he “would have voted for Obama a third time if he could.” So, Chris meets the parents, and at first things go well. Although, something is unnerving about both of Rose’s parents and their happy white community. Without giving any major spoilers, let’s just say things get crazy, scary, and leave you on edge. The movie, also, has perfectly timed humor throughout the movie. If you have not yet seen this masterpiece yet, then you need to get out, and go see Get Out as soon as possible.