Packy drops new mixtape

Joe Gearhart

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On Thursday, March 23, Packy released his mixtape, Area 51. That has been his first mixtape that the young and up and coming artist has dropped since Mad Lifey, which was released in February of last year. Area 51 has six tracks, which is a short mixtape for him; usually he puts out ten or more. The six songs that he did drop are:

  1. 517
  2. No Deal
  3. Miss Me III
  4. Powerup
  5. I Want It All
  6. Whose Side

Many of his loyal fans have expressed their extra love for 517. The song describes how he made it out of his city, which is Lansing, Michigan. Lansing’s area code is 517, and he hints towards how no other rapper has made it out of the 517, which makes it like Area 51, just a wasteland. He goes on to explain his grind and how he made it to LA and all of the shows he had played in major cities. The song has an up beat to it and makes you feel happy and, it makes you feel that you can always accomplish your dreams just like he did.

His song No Deal is another one that is going viral, and many of his fans can not get enough of it. He explains why he hasn’t dropped a mixtape in over a year. He had his hands tied as some agents from MTV contacted him and wanted to sign him. Packy says that after taking to MTV they told him to push his songs back. Packy kept urging to let him release but they wouldn’t and they kept reassuring Packy that it will be for the best. After a few months he didn’t hear from MTV in a few months. He finally had enough of it and contacted them and told them no deal. Now he has a top 10 album to show them what they missed out on. Packy goes on to say how that motivated him to put more quality music out and to work harder to succeed and show everyone how he made it out of his city.

Now he goes overseas to play shows and has his own clothing line. This short mixtape, lets all of his fans into his world and how he has made to where he is and how he isn’t nowhere close to being done yet. Packy is a man on a mission and nothing will stand in his way, and if anyone does I feel sorry for that person as Packy will not be stopped. Logan Hollyfield, a senior at GHS, is a huge fan of Packy and his new mixtape and he goes on to say, “I have been waiting for a mixtape from him for over a year, he kept teasing us with singles but this is the best mixtape he dropped and, I feel like he is going to blow up very soon. His hard work will pay off and he will make it big time.” Packy has the most loyal fans and they have stuck with him since the beginning and will always support his music, because he is so engaged with his fans and does all of what he does for them.