Thirteen Reasons Why popular with students

Victoria Rider

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Netflix came out with a new series called Thirteen Reasons Why. As you know, many teenagers are loving it ,and we are waiting patiently for the next season to come out. Many teens that watch it have many different emotions about it and think it is one of the best Netflix series they have seen.

It is about a girl named Hannah Baker that goes to Liberty High School. She has “friends” that gave her reasons to commit suicide. She goes to her parents store that they own and gets thirteen cassette tapes and tells each person on one of the tapes why they made her kill herself. She lives a hard life being bullied and hurt so much that she wanted to end her life. She gets in a very close friendship with a guy named Clay Jensen that wants a relationship but is afraid to love her. There is also a book out about it if you want to read about it before watching the series. Emily Shupe says, “It is a good look at suicide for our generation and how words and things you say can affect someone so easily. “It is an amazing show to watch on Netflix and definitely worth the time to watch.”