April the giraffe delivers baby boy

Alise Bailey

Internet sensation April the Giraffe has finally given birth. The calf was a healthy baby boy weighing 129 pounds and standing 5’9” tall. He was born on Saturday, April 15, 2017. The live camera has been up and watching April since February. Awaiting the calf’s birth has captivated viewers for quite some time now. Sadly the live camera will be down very soon.

Once the calf has reached sexual maturity, he will be relocated to prevent inbreeding. It is in the animal’s best interests to prevent inbreeding because of possible health issues occurring with the offspring. April has had other calves before and all have been relocated. Yes, giraffes do grieve about being away from offspring, but it does not last long especially if they have grown up enough to not fully depend on their mothers. Oliver, the calf’s father, can not be around him because he is a bull and may injure the calf. April seems to be a very experienced and nurturing mother to her bundle of joy.

When the calf, now named Tajiri, was born, he came in for a “crash landing” hitting the ground head and front feet first. The initial jolt of the fall shocks the calf, but that shock is what will drive the calf to get up and walk rather quickly. In the wild, if a giraffe calf does not get up quickly, it can jeopardize its mother’s and its own life. Lions, hyenas, and other predators are dangers to newborn giraffes, even once they are up and walking. Once that they get to the safety of the herd the calves are basically safe. A fun fact about adult giraffes is that an adult giraffe can kill an adult lion with one kick or stomp. So lions seldom attack giraffes unless they are desperate for a kill.

Freshmen Hunter Stroupe stated, “I was very excited when April had her baby. But I was sad because I had nothing to look forward to during Journalism class to procrastinate from doing my work.” Ever since Hunter found out that the giraffe was pregnant his daily question to me would be “Hey, did that giraffe have the baby yet?”

Every Tuesday from 4pm to 8pm we can still check on April, Oliver, and baby Tajiri.