Hurricanes Irma and Harvey cause massive destruction

Abby Vaught

Residents were warned to ‘get out or die’ as Harvey and Irma unleashed waves of punishing rains and flooding. The storm known as Hurricane Harvey made its landfall on August 29th, dumping record rains and spurring additional flooding in the small Texas cities that lie on east of now-devastated Houston. Harvey was a category three that lasted from August 25 to September 7. Irma was a category five that that hit Florida and the Virgin Islands on August 30. Both massive destructions caused devastation throughout the world.

The local weatherman of GHS, Coach Dixon, gave insider details about both hurricanes. Coach Dixon says, “ Hurricanes have always existed. The warm oceans will make the hurricanes stronger.” One of the most extraordinary things about these hurricanes are the sheer power, size, and strength of these storms. Major threats from Irma and Harvey are, outside the flooding, the citrus crop in Florida and the flooding in Texas. Does weatherman Dixon think Jose could hit Florida or Texas? “No it won’t hit because of the upper air patterns. Jose could possibly hit Cape Cod.”