Residents jump into Bridge Day

Residents jump into Bridge Day

Autumn Jessee

On Saturday October 21, 2017, Bridge Day took place in Fayetteville, West Virginia. Bridge Day happens once a year at the New River Gorge Bridge. The very first Bridge day was held in 1980 and had a crowd around 40,000 people. The only year since 1980 that Bridge Day has not been held was 2001. The bridge is 3,030 feet long and 876 feet high.

On average, 100,000 people attend Bridge Day each year. There is three fourths of a mile leading to the bridge, where vendors set up. A new booth this year was the ABAT booth; they were there raising money to help out a medically disabled child. There were vendors selling hand crafted goods and several vendors selling food and drink.

Unlike recent years, the weather was warm, and the sky was clear. The past several years it has been in the temperature has been cold, especially out on the bridge itself. The jumpers, as always, were filled with energy and were the stars of Bridge Day.

Graham High School alumni, Alexandra Jessee, has attend Bridge for the past three years and plans to keep attending. Alex enjoys going to Bridge Day because it is a cheap activity to do with her family. Alex says, “The only thing that would have made Bridge Day better would have been designated walking areas, and have volunteers directing the crowd.” Andrew Stump, a Bluefield Beaver alumni, wants a greater variety of food vendors available.

Bridge Day brings a lot of income to Fayetteville, and a great deal of enjoyment to everyone who visits. This 40 year old Bridge has brought many things to West Virginia, lets hope that it brings more.