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Top 10 gifts GHS wants for Christmas

Emily Shupe

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With Christmas just around the corner, everyone has already picked out the gifts that he or she wants.  Every year there is a new trend, and of course, we want the most popular things at the moment.  Yet younger children, believe it or not, still want traditional presents from Santa.  Apparently technology isn’t as prominent in kids as we thought, because now they want Legos and new toys.  The top ten things teenagers around GHS want are:
1. iPhone X or 8
2. Clothes
3. PlayStation 4 or Xbox 1
4. Apple Watch or other smart watches
5. Makeup
6. ATV’s
7. Shoes and boots
8. Jewelry
9. Books
10. Laptops
Tori Mitchem, a sophomore said, “Well, I’m mainly hoping to get more clothes such as sweaters and sweatpants.  I love the cool weather because I get to dress comfortable with baggy clothes.  I could totally see how most teenagers would want the new iPhone X though.”   “I’m a simple person when it comes to gifting, so the only thing I’m asking for is more cooking and baking supplies.  I want a miniature cupcake pan, a sheet pan, and a larger mixing bowl.  I get clothes every year, so I’d like to get something that involves my favorite hobby.” Said Brianna Ferrell, also a sophomore.  Every student is different and would prefer different gifts. Some students want what is in trend and popular, yet some are still undecided.  As for me, I would really enjoy getting clothes, or maybe gift cards.  Even though getting gifts is nice, we can’t forget the genuine fun in Christmas is spending quality time with loved ones on a very special day.

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Top 10 gifts GHS wants for Christmas