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Daddy’s Home 2 brings barrels of laughter

Abby Vaught

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This comedy movie is a sequel to the first Daddy’s Home starring the comedy duo of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. The movie starts off as Dusty (Wahlberg) and Brad (Ferrell) tag team in watching their children on certain days. They manage to become somewhat friends in taking care of the children. As the movie progresses, you see that the parenting can be a little difficult for a birthday or holiday. Brad buys his stepson Dylan Mayron, played by Owen Vaccaro, an IPhone for his birthday. Dusty, who bought the same phone, gives the gift to his son and finds himself feeling left out. The separate families always end up misplaced and feeling lonely as they’re pulled apart. As the movie goes on after the birthday, Dusty and Brad decided to share a Christmas so no one is left out. Both men decide to call his families for the Christmas vacation so they can have fun like the good old days. In the scene at the airport, you see Dusty and Brad waiting for their parents to come and celebrate. Dusty and his father, played by Mel Gibson, don’t see eye to eye unlike Brad and his father, played by John Lithgow. Ferrell and Lithgow have a very close father-son relationship and are often seen talking about embarrassing things, moreso his father embarrassing him. Dusty and his father Kurt are often seen glaring at each other and having stone faces while keeping opinions to themselves in front of others.

While visiting Brad’s home, Dusty and Kurt have an argument that involves where Kurt should be. Dusty doesn’t want his father to be there in the first place because his father was a ladies man and would often leave with women during important things in Dusty’s younger life. Brad and his father have a special relationship where they constantly hug each other. Brad’s father is hiding the fact that he and wife have separated and Dusty is the first to figure out at an improv class at a bar. This movie is something you have to watch with parents if you’re not mature or old enough. A scene shows that Dusty’s daughter and step daughter sneak into the kitchen and get into some alcohol. Another scene, in the same day, shows the family and Dusty’s step daughter’s real father, played by WWE superstar John Cena, Roger in a park recreating the birth of Jesus. This scene shows how important the family is. Not a friendly part of this scene, the two little girls are shown drunk and rambling about things such as wanting pancakes from IHop to giggling like an idiot. It tells the story of how all people, whether fighting or not, get together for the holidays and learn to forgive each other. This is a weird yet great movie because it shows how family is family, whether through blood or marriage, is something to be grateful of. 

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Daddy’s Home 2 brings barrels of laughter