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Graham Sleep Deprivation

AJ Hall

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Graham Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is a disease that affects over thirty percent of Americans yearly. Sleep is very important to the survival of the human body because it allows us to rest after a long day of work as well as lets our brain repair itself. Without the necessary amounts of sleep, our brains cannot be repaired. Our necessary amount of sleep is at least eight hours; if we get any less for an extended amount of time, our brains will start to shut down. After a while, it will become harder and harder to sleep. Insomnia will set in and then you will fall into a coma soon after.
Graham has a few students that have Insomnia and yet can still function with some additional help. One of those students is Abby Vaught. “Being tired all the time is one of the first signs, well, at least it was for me. Sleep deprivation is nothing to be taken lightly. It has an effect on your daily life until functioning becomes near impossible. Being able to cope with these symptoms is hard enough as is, but when the stresses of school and daily life in general start to kick in, it becomes a task that makes flying without wings seem easy.” She said when asked about her opinion on sleep deprivation.
Another student that is fighting a form of Insomnia is Kenny Laws. “I didn’t really know that I had this disease until later in life. I just thought that I was having trouble sleeping or getting to sleep. However, after a trip to the doctors, they told me that I had a mild case of Insomnia. I know the effects it has on others because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. A couple of my friends have more severe cases of it and I’ve seen them have to practically drag themselves throughout the day. I feel sorry for them but I know there isn’t much i can do to help them.” Kenny said, describing the effect of sleep deprivation.
Sleep deprivation is a disease that is just cast aside and generally thought of as unimportant. While it hasn’t been documented that someone has died from sleep deprivation, it has been proven that it does happen. Sleep deprivation needs to be studied more and if it does, needs to be given more attention than it is given.

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Graham Sleep Deprivation