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Business law class examines Gabe Sesco v. the State of New Columbia

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Business law class examines Gabe Sesco v. the State of New Columbia

Abby Vaught

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On Thursday December 7th, Mr. Blevins Business Law class did a mock trial of the case Chris Archer v The State of New Columbia. The actual trial happened in 1997 when 18-year-old Milan Jackson was dead from someone pushing her from the clock tower in the school’s courtyard. Chris Archer was the president of the fraternity Phi Gamma. Gabe Sesco, a junior, was the main suspect, Chris Archer, and was on trial for murder. His attorneys were Ashley Fox and Noah Riley. The prosecuting attorneys were Faith Cook and myself. The honorable judge was Kenneth Cullen. This mock trial was set up to help us learn more about laws and regulations in different places. This case specially had the dangers of hazing and peer pressure as Milan was pressured to do dangerous and life-threatening possibilities. Sadly, on November 22, 1997, Milan Jackson was dead from a 26-foot fall from the clock tower.

Chris Archer had pressured Milan to do things with his friend to become president of Phi Gamma and she declined, saying she didn’t want to sell her body. People drink in whatever mood they are in. Chris could’ve been the ‘angry drunk’ with Milan and pushed her before the last challenge. This case helped the students learn more about regulations not only at colleges, but also that could lead to serious consequences.

Mr. Blevins said that he would do the mock court cases again for more business law classes. “This is a learning experience for the students. They need to know the consequences of actions and see if things go to the extreme. This court case was an experience from a educational film we watched called 12 Angry Men. The movie was about men on jury deciding whether or not a boy was guilty of murder. The jury of this case was split between whether Milan had fallen off the tower or was pushed. I can’t find any articles about it, just more mock trial cases. I hope to do this again next year.”

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Business law class examines Gabe Sesco v. the State of New Columbia