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Squirrel appreciation day is under appreciated at GHS

Emily Shupe

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Who knew Squirrel Appreciation Day is a real holiday?  January 21, 2018, was a big day for everyone, well by everyone I mean dogs.  Like me, GHS didn’t really know about this holiday.  This just proves that squirrels are forgotten and betrayed.  This is upsetting, yet having a day dedicated to the furry little rodents makes me question do they need one or not?

Jonathan Du, a sophomore, told me about how he feels towards squirrels.  “Honestly I can see how squirrels aren’t talked about enough.  Just think about it, one day they probably will take over the world.  They’re smarter than we think they are, and they store nuts because they are preparing for the apocalypse.  Also, I feel like I need to say they deserve a day because they are so cheeky, get it?”

“Squirrels are terrifying with their beady eyes and the way they are so fast.  They don’t deserve a day they are one of the worst animals.  They are annoying, and I think I might have a weird phobia of them.  Do they even have a name for that?  It’s like they can attack at anytime, they could really hurt someone,” said April King, another sophomore.

As you can see, there are different opinions on squirrels.  Let’s be real, everything seems to have an appreciation day now.  In reality, are they exciting enough to have their own holiday?  They drive plenty of people nuts, so are they deserving?  There’s ways to show our love for them without having a whole day dedicated to them. Let’s just feed them or keep our dogs away from them.  Squirrels may be a powerful species, but let’s not have a whole day dedicated them.  National Squirrel Appreciation Day was created in 2001, by a person who loved rodents, Christy Hargrove.  Let’s not forget this day next year, because this is the best holiday of the year!

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Squirrel appreciation day is under appreciated at GHS