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“Jigsaw” Sluggishly Pushes Past Another Sequel

A.J. Hall

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When the Saw movies came out, they were one of the first of their kinds. However, after a repeated mix of sequels it just turned into something utterly boring that you could predict with ease. “Jigsaw”, on the other hand, was a movie that broke the cycle of repetition.  

    “Jigsaw” is a movie made in 2017 and was directed by Michael and Peter Spierig. It follows the story of Anna, Mitch, Brian, and Carly as they do their best to survive the twisted traps of Jigsaw. As this is going on, a man by the name of Logan, along with his assistant Eleanor is working in the morgue. As the movie goes on, more and more mysteries unravel.

    The acting, compared to the last movies, is only slightly better. From the moment the first events get started, you can tell that the actors are acting. Such is the scene in the bar with Logan and Eleanor. Logan confronts Eleanor about the detective’s suspicions of her being the Jigsaw copycat. From the moment the scene starts till the scene finally ends, you can tell that the acting is all but forced. The part where Logan actually asks her about Jigsaw is the worst part of the scene. She tells him that she isn’t the copycat, but she does show that she has a sort of obsession with the killer.

    The best part of this movie was hands down the plot. The plot had the gore and murder as the last ones did, however, it kept its originality. The biggest plot twist of the entire movie was that Jigsaw wasn’t dead. He was working with someone to set up the traps of the newest game. The second biggest twist was that Logan was the second Jigsaw. That, I believe, was something the watchers didn’t expect. From the minute we meet Eleanor, we are led to suspect her to be the second Jigsaw. Logan had been working with Jigsaw all along after his own game.

    Overall, this movie wasn’t as bad based off of the past sequels the series had had. If you’re looking for a few hours to kill or if you’re a fan of the Saw franchise then this movie is for you.

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“Jigsaw” Sluggishly Pushes Past Another Sequel