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Active shooter training prepares students for the worst

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Active shooter training prepares students for the worst

Emily Shupe

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Deputy Sam Bowman presents active shooting training to students in the auditorium.

On Friday, April 13 students from every grade got to experience an educational class from the Sheriff’s Office helping students prepare for the worst.  Deputies from the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office, Landon Hyatt, Glen Keen, and Sam Bowman, visited us to speak to students. Freshman and sophomores went to the class during their gym, and juniors and seniors had the officers visit during their history classes.  This is county-wide training starting this year.

Deputy Sam Bowman, an officer who taught us about these shootings, said, “In today’s society, I would say this class is vital for young students.  It’s very unfortunate because when I was younger this didn’t occur as much.  It really is hard to talk to kids, especially the younger elementary students, but this is necessary.  They need to know that they have to do what their teacher says and this is a serious manner.  I actually have two kids, a kindergartner and a fifth grader, and I couldn’t imagine them going through this stress.  I usually tell them, for example, if you see a box on a playground, go tell an adult.  As of now, I just go to one elementary school which is Abbs Valley, but we are tying to make this program countywide.  I was also all this week at the middle school talking to them.  Schools aren’t the only ones who ask for this class.  Local businesses, and colleges always should learn about active shooters in the building.  Teachers have this class and so do substitutes.  Sometimes these students think about how they would be called a snitch or a tattletale, but this could save someone or possibly your own life.  Find someone who is approachable to talk to.  It could be a teacher that you trust or your principal.  I believe that people may have had a bigger problem with this class years ago, but now we should all realize this class could save lives.”

Jakob Remines, a sophomore who experienced the class, said, “I learned a lot from the class.  I take criminal justice, so to know what to do during situations like this interests me because it can save lives.  I think the officers did a great job of not scaring us and still making us understand the importance of an active school shooter.”

The active shooting training class helped us all become more informed about what we can do.  Learning where to go, what to do, and who to talk to can save lives.  It’s always necessary to know what to do in emergencies like these.

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Active shooter training prepares students for the worst