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Students discover scholarships

Abby Vaught

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Scholarships are financial aid awards that give students the opportunity to pay for college. Being a student in high school is pretty hectic. Thinking of what college you want to go to, making sure your grades are in a good condition, and having enough time to do assignments can cause chaos. It’s not easy saving money for college. Scholarships help save students get money that can make it affordable for college. Plenty of financial aid is available to students with empty pockets. Financial aid is one of the options to getting the money for college. Seniors can sign up for a FAFSA form to determine the student’s eligibility for financial aids

“Scholarships are important for students that play a sport, have a potential art career, or any other activity the student wishes to do in their lives. I can help the students by telling them what the scholarship is, how they apply for the scholarship, and how they can sign up for financial aids in their senior year of high school,” says Mrs. Cook. Some tips to help out the student is to have a list of things that they do and choose what that one important subject they want and try to get a scholarship. Scholarships are important for students because the family might not have enough money to afford college tuition, fees, and supplies. Getting a scholarship can help out a student and their family.

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Students discover scholarships