How did you get your name?

Allison Hager

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When people find out they are pregnant, one of their first thoughts is what are they going to name their child. A person’s name does not define them, but it does stay with them for their whole life. When naming a baby, you don’t want to pick a name that is so popular that there are five Hannah’s in your child’s class. You want something that unique and different but not so out of the box that nobody can pronounce it. Whether you like your name or not, the story behind it is cool to figure out.

Freshman Summer Compton said, “I got my name because I was born in July during the summer.” Some parents choose to name their kid after their favorite month or season, while others might want to honor someone they love. “I got my first name after Steven Segals daughter or something, and I got my middle name from grandma,” said Arissa Anderson.

You may get your name from your parent’s favorite movie character. “My parents were watching a western movie, and the main girl’s name was Andrea, but she insisted that they call her Andy. So, my parents thought Andrea was a pretty name, and that is what they decided on. It’s kind of funny because when I was a kid, my grandparents called me Andy, but my parents never could,” said Andrea Heffinger.

If families have more than one kid, they might have a theme. “I guess my parents wanted all their kids to be named after people in the Bible. Isaiah, Matthew, Adam, Grace, they are all in the Bible in some way” said Isaiah Justice.

Whether you have the most unique name that you didn’t know how to spell for ages, or you have the top name on a baby name list, your name is special to you. At least you weren’t like me; I didn’t have a name for two days. Even if you don’t like your name, just remember that your parents picked out a special name just for you.