Take a chance

Autumn Jessee

Take a Chance Day is on April 23rd. These are some of the things G-men want people to give a chance.

Emily Shupe, sophomore- “On taking the harder path, because in the long run you become more successful”

Allison Hager, sophomore- “On conquering your fears.”

Weasley Short, senior, – “Love”

Mrs. Smith, substitute teacher-“On being yourself.”

Ethan Baker, sophomore- “On themselves.”

Sara Siebenhaar, sophomore- “On allowing others to show their full potential despite their looks or reputation.”

Mrs. Metcalfe, English teacher- “On new people.”

Hannah Shockley, sophomore- “On stepping out of your comfort zone”

Raegan Strouth, freshman- “On life”

Grace Beaman, sophomore, “On expressing your beliefs”

Jacob Shoun, senior- “On trying new things and never looking back.”

Morgan Lee, senior- “On making a new friendship.”

Ian Seibenhaar, senior- “On any free experience. You can end up loving something you never cared for.”

Brian Fisher , junior- “On your potential.”

Ms. Tinsley, choir director- “On Everything (unless it’s just plain dumb). Don’t ever go through life wondering what could have been if you had done “blank”. Find out! If it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll know and can move on.”

Kassidy Frye, sophomore -“On their careers; they should do what they want to make them happy, not make money.”

Lexie Price, sophomore, and Michaela Tabor, senior- “Take a chance on me; it is okay to be gay.”

Lakyn Hawks, sophomore- “On the person you like.”

Andrea Heffinger, sophomore-“Take a chance and try some crazy and bizarre food!”