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Cosmetology students cut their way to National Hairdresser Day

Emily Shupe

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National Hairdresser Day took place on Monday, April 30, 2018.  Several students would love to go into this career when they get older, so they go to Tazewell county career and technical center to get their certification in cosmetology.

Madyson Russell, a sophomore who is in her first year of cosmetology, said, “I wanted to go into cosmetology so I can get guaranteed a job that I would like to do after high school.  Hair is something I’ve always been interested in and I feel like I can do it my whole life, and it would be easy to find a business in this area.  I love trying new styles with hair and seeing what I can do.  Cosmetology is a form of art in my opinion.  There is beauty in braids and how many different ways hair to be done.  I really don’t like doing book work, but my favorite part of cosmetology is to dye hair.  There’s a lot of science behind being a Hairdresser and some people don’t realize that.  For example, there are chemicals inside of hair products and you have to know how to use them because you don’t want to burn anyone’s hair!  I recommend taking this class because you get to learn at your own pace over the course of three years.”

Cierra Dale, also a sophomore, said, “I took cosmetology to learn more about hair and be able to do makeup.  Doing hair can pay my way through college to go into a different profession.  After a while I would like to become a doctor or be a veterinarian.  What I enjoy the most is doing manicures on my best friends in the class.  Sometimes foils can be difficult, I guess I’d say they are my least favorite!  If any freshman are thinking about taking it, they should! This class can help get you to have a professional business.”

All of the students who take cosmetology know they can be very successful in the Hairdresser form of work.  Hairdressers must have skill and practice to be able to give every customer a look they love.

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Cosmetology students cut their way to National Hairdresser Day