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Students show appreciation to their teachers

Wesley Short

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This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. In case it isn’t clear what that means, it’s the week we show our teachers here at school how much we appreciate them! Throughout the week the teachers have received candies and treats in their mailboxes and are planning to have a lunch together soon. Some students gave their thoughts of some of their favorite teachers and why they appreciate them.

“A teacher I appreciate would be Mrs. Kemp.” says Cody Parsons. “I learned so much in her class and she genuinely seemed like she cared for her students. She’s one of the best teachers I’ve had.”

Joseph Remines says “Mr. Calfee is my favorite teacher. He puts a good amount of effort into what he wants people to learn. He shows that he loves his work and wants students to do their best.” This goes to show the impact of good teaching on students. Both of these students show that they learn best when knowing the teacher is passionate about their work and connected with their students. Ian Siebenhaar also admires Mr. Calfee saying, “[Mr. Calfee] gives enough work to help us learn the material, but not so much that it’s negatively stressful. He knows what he’s doing, and we need more people like him teaching.”

Andrew Brown appreciates Mr. Brown. The main reason for this is because, as Andrew claims, “He gives me money and food.”

Sydney Bowman shows appreciation to Ms. McGinnis. “She is caring, loving and makes my 1st period less dreadful. She’s nice and perky and is happy to help students in the class.”

“Mrs. Hurley’s class is fun…” says Andrew Clarke. “…and she is an amazing teacher who helps us understand things better.”

As anyone can see, teachers make a big impact on the lives of young people. Not only do they teach students about their subjects like math and English, but they can teach the values of kindness, discipline, and respect. Therefore, they deserve to be appreciated and treasured.

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Students show appreciation to their teachers