End of year talent show entertains crowd


Brian Fisher's amazing voice won first place in this year's talent show.

Abby Vaught

Graham’s annual talent show was held on Thursday May 24, 2018. Brian Fisher won 1st place, Ms. Vollumer’s Advanced PE dance group Hot Sundaes won 2nd place, and Joey Remines won 3rd place with his digital stage show.

The teachers were the last and surprise act performing as the “Village Teachers” dancing the YMCA by the Village People. Everyone did an amazing job performing and doing their acts. There were several singers, guest appearances from teachers, and even a rock band!

The performances were great and there will be a lot more talent and fun at the next talent show. “I loved the performances! Brian was such a great singer and he has a beautiful voice,” says Paeton Burgess. The talent show is a good way to discover hidden talents and make new friends.”

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who kept us entertained for the afternoon!