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Art show provides stunning display of talent

Emily Shupe

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On Thursday, May 10, Mrs Cockerham held the annual art show.  We got to experience talent from every grade and all around the school.  The different mediums were watercolors, still life, pop art, oil pastels, colored pencils, scratch art, abstract, calendar, graffiti, artist’s choice, reproductions, Greek vases, and paper mache.

Britney Tignor, a senior who’s in art IV and won best in show, said, “I had been working on my piece for a month and when I finished it, I was so proud.  I used ink for the dream catcher and for the background I used soft pastel.  I feel like I progressed greatly from just last year.  My favorite medium to use is acrylic paint with landscapes.  Art is my passion and I feel like I stand out in it.  Every since I was little I wanted to be an artist.”

Mai Nguyan, a freshman who was winner of Best in Show for art I, said, “I used colored pencils and an ink pen for my drawing.  Using colored pencils as my medium is my favorite and I love drawing anything that has to do with fashion.  My family is very artistic and this isn’t my first time winning something involving creativity.  I guess after all year my surrealism was my favorite.  My advice for other artistic students is to just take your time.”

Mrs Cockerham, who worked very hard on this show all year, said, “This show means the world to me.  Just to know that other students who are gifted in the arts are seeing their work in front of the school makes me feel joy.  It’s a great way to show talent in this community and I feel like the arts don’t get enough appreciation.  My favorite mediums to use and to see other people use would be colored pencils, pop art, and surrealism.  Those are the most appealing to me.  This is just my second year of teaching art, but I already know many of these kids personally from middle school, so I know they’re talented.  I’m always there for them and give them inspiration, and I feel like I’m still learning also.  I think every child deserves to have their work shown like this, and I am so grateful to have such great kids in my classes.”

Best in Show:

  • Mai Nguyan, Art 1
  • Shay Cook, Art 2
  • Mark Clary, Art 3
  • Britney Tignor, Art 4


  • Mai Nguyan, Art 1, first place
  • Andrea Heffenger, Art 2, second place
  • Paris Sandifer, Art 2, third place
  • Drake Dishman, Art 1, honorable mention

Still Life:

  • Madison Starks, Art 2, first place
  • Ian Siebenhaar, Art 2, second place
  • Ashley Eden, Art 3, third place
  • Ashley Fox, Art 2, honorable mention


  • Kayin Carson, Art 1, first place
  • Bradley Steele, Art 2, second place
  • Madison Johnson, Art 1, third place
  • Andrea Heffenger, Art 2, honorable mention

Pop Art:

  • Bradley Steele, Art 2, first place
  • Katelyn Call, Art 1, second place
  • Mark Clary, Art 3, third place
  • Ashlynne Childress, Art 2, honorable mention

Oil Pastel:

  • Sarah Prater, Art 1, first place
  • Ashley Fox, Art 2, second place
  • Ashlynne Childress, Art 2, third place
  • Bradley Steele, Art 2, honorable mention

Colored Pencil:

  • Bradley Steele, Art 2, first place
  • Jocilyn Thompson, Art 2, second place
  • Tyler Brewster, Art 2, third place
  • Madison Lawson, Art 2, honorable mention
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Art show provides stunning display of talent