Students work for the Co-op marketing program

Brittany Burton

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The Co-op marketing program is  for juniors and seniors that have a job and need to leave school early. The Co-op program is a good opportunity for students that have a job. The teacher that runs the Co-op program is Mrs. Shoemaker.

There are four students who have participated in the Co-op program for two years. Bethany Broyles, a senior, that works at Wendy’s said, “My favorite thing about doing the program was getting to leave early.That’s a lot of reason why students do this program so they can get out early.”

Mrs. Shoemaker said, “ I would recommend this to a lot of the students because it does give you more time if you do work.”

Mrs. Shoemaker said, “ This class is very good for people that have jobs and it makes more time for school and your work.” Most of the students she has in the program work at fast food restaurants including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and Chick Fil-a. Students record their  hours and Mrs. Shoemaker keep it in folder. Students interested  in this class need to see Mrs.Shoemaker.