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Twins have students seeing double

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Twins have students seeing double

Brittany Burton

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Twins at Graham high school. We have one in each grade. The freshmen are Randy and Richard Sarver, the sophomores are Marissa and Stephanie Copolo, the juniors are Benjamin and Alexander White, and the seniors are Stephen and Kevin Gaboriault.

Freshman twins Randy and Richard Sarver said, ”It’s difficult being twins because we both get annoyed of each other. Especially when both of us are moody because our moods are nothing alike.” Richard is the oldest out of the twins.

Marissa and Stephanie Copolo, freshman twins, said,“ It’s not difficult being a twin when I am at school because when you have classes together, you’ll always have a friend, and if you have trouble with your work, we will try and help each other. It’s also kind of fun to have a twin because if I want to see what I look like I’ll tell my sister to try it on to see what it will look like on me. We sometimes take advantage of being a twin and try and trick some people.”

The juniors here at Graham High School are Benjamin and Alexander White. Alexander said,“During school, it is not difficult being a twin, but out of school it is because we share everything. Sometimes it’s nice to have twin, but sometimes we don’t get along. We have almost the same exact personalities. The good thing about being a twin is if one of us get in trouble, then the other can try and trick the person to get out of trouble.”

The two seniors that are twins, Kevin and Stephen Gaborioult, said,”It it is rough being a twin sometimes. A lot of people get us mixed up. It gets really aggravating sometimes. It feels like someone is always attached to you. Most of the time we are so attached to each other, we think most of the time we know what each other is thinking, but we only notice it when we both something at the same time but we have total different personalities.”

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Twins have students seeing double