Hurricane Florence closes Graham for a day


Sara Siebenhaar, Journalist

On September 11, 2018, Graham High was on 2 hour delay due to flooding caused by Hurricane Florence.

Hurricane Florence also pulled students and staff out of school on September 17, 2018, due to power outages caused by the hurricane.

Not only was the school affected, but so were the students. Darrah Young’s, sophomore of Graham High, family owns a condo in North Carolina. According to Darrah, they will be doing their best to prevent damage since it is in the eye of the storm by blocking the windows and doors.

Lucky for Graham, we have Coach Dixon- the in-house meteorologist. According to Coach Dixon, the Hurricane had downgraded to level 1, and luckily lightened the flooding and the wind.

Surrounding states have been reported to have drastic flooding and power outages by weather channels but the Appalachians have prevented ours from being any worse.