Cyber Security helps protects your information

Brittany Burton

This October is National Cyber Security Awareness month. Cyber security affects every individual, organization ,and nation. This year we have a Cyber Security class. Mr. Blevins teaches this class. Cyber security class focuses with an emphasis on securing personal, organizational, and national information.
Jordan Austin is in the Cyber Security class. He said, “This class is fun and interesting to learn about because we learn about protecting our information and I also love working on computers. We learned how to make sure the passwords are long and that all of our information is secure.”
Also, in the Cyber Security class is Chandler Russell. He said, “ I like this class a lot because I get to work on the computer. Cyber security is my favorite class because I think it’s interesting to learn to secure your information. I think everybody should take this class so they will know how to make sure all their information is secure.”
Mr. Blevins teaches Cyber Security. He said, “Cyber Security is beneficial to students who are interested in working in Cyber Security. It is important because it protects our personal information. Everyone needs to know about how to keep all your information secure.”
Mcginnis who put up the posters for Cyber Security month she said, “ Making these posters were a lot of fun for the students they got to learn about how to make long passwords or make sure stuff on the computer is not a scam.” Cyber