Environmental club benefits the world around them.

Sara Siebenhaar , Journalist

After Halloween, the Environmental Club helped out by cleaning up the area, specifically SedgeWood due to the immense popularity. They separated into couples and picked up trash.

In addition to clean ups, the Environmental Club helps keep the world pretty by having a lily garden. This lily garden is placed outside of Mrs. Bess Klander’s window. They pulled out weeds, trimmed the plants, and also put down new mulch. Though this is nice for the planet, it is also nice for a student’s resume.

Graham’s Environmental Club’s Sponsor, Mrs. Nancy Faris, had confirmed that the activities members do can go on their record as community service hours. Though that is not the most essential part of helping.

Benjamin White, the Environmental Club’s president, stated, “I think it’s been beneficial to me because it allows me to help take care of the environment and be involved in the community through Graham High School.”

The Environmental Club helps students learn about how their choices impact the world around them, and the vice president, Elise Clary promotes it. “I think more people should go out for Environmental Club because it’s a good program to make an impact on the little things in our community.”