Teachers words of wisdom leave long lasting memories

Autumn Jessee, Reporter

Teachers impart great wisdom to their students, whether it be the lessons they teach or the advice they give. Some teachers are remembered for sharing the same words of wisdom from year to year, and from student to student. These quotes stick with students all through high school and into their adult lives, leaving lasting memories that are shared by a wide variety of students.

Mr. Blevins, a business teacher, is remembered for always telling his students to dominate. Sarah Rasnick says that “it’s inspirational and motivational because he says it in a way that lets you know he believes you can dominate anything, and I love that.”

Mr. Hayes has a famous speech he gives each year to his economics and personal finance classes. Mr. Hayes said that the speech is important because it helps students to realize that they can’t rely on Social Security, and gives them the opportunity to start planning for the future so they can have the lives they want. Junior Lakyn Hawks said that the speech provides information about Social Security that is never talked about, and it explains how our generation will have to prepare for the future.

High school is a memorable time, from fun times with friends, or the lessons learned on the path to adulthood, but most of all the teachers that students have shape their view of the world. Each teacher provides students with an abundance of knowledge that  comes in a variety of forms, whether through the content that they teach their students, the stories they tell, or the advice that they impart.