Wrestlers pin their way to state

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Wrestlers pin their way to state

Emily Shupe

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On Thursday, February 14, four wrestlers traveled to the Salem Civic Center to compete in state.  Caleb Fritz, Trey Wimmer, Justin Fritz, and Keith Carbaugh qualified for the statewide tournament that lasted from February 15-16.  

Keith Carbaugh, a junior that placed fourth, said, “Going into state, I knew there would be a lot of competition, but I was just hoping for the best.  I feel accomplished, yet I know there’s always room for improvement. This just made me more excited and prepared for next year. Honestly, I was really nervous at first, but then once I was out there wrestling, it just felt like any other match.”

“I’m really proud of how I did this season.  The last week before state, practice got pretty intense.  I’m going to really miss Coach Fritz and Woodward, and I know I’m going to miss wrestling even more than baseball and football once I graduate.  My favorite moment this season was getting to see Caleb and Justin win state,” Trey Wimmer, a senior who qualified for state, said.

State was the chance for the boys to show all of their hard work and represent Graham with pride.  After a successful season, they were prepared to give their best effort.

Caleb Fritz, who is now a state champion, said, “I was confident going into state this year.  Last year, I got really sick with the flu, and I wasn’t able to perform as well as I could. This season went great, I only lost two matches.  I was training to win this time. I’m going to miss high school wrestling a lot, yet I am going to wrestle in college. It’s going to be really different to not have my dad as head coach.”

Justin Fritz, who has won state the past two years, said, “I knew I had to be positive because that’s the key to being successful.  We had amped up practice, and I knew I was ready. I’d say my most memorable moment this season was to get to see my brother win state as a senior.”

“The final day at state was a great way to finish the season.  I’m very proud of the boys and I really hate to see Caleb and Trey leave. They’ve been wrestling since they were little kids,” Coach Ben Fritz said.

Congratulations to Caleb and Justin Fritz on being state champions, and to Keith Carbaugh for placing fourth!