The huge trend called the #tenyearchallenge

Brittany Burton

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The #tenyearchallenge has turned into a big trend on social media. People started posting pictures of themselves on different social medias that shows a change in their looks from ten years ago to now. This trend got so big mostly because famous people did the trend. People in this area have also started getting into the trend too.

Senior Jordan Austin has done the #tenyearchallenge, and he said, “This trend has gotten really big. A lot of people have done it. I first saw it from famous people doing it. I think this became a trend because it’s funny to see people from ten years ago to now, and a lot of people have changed. Also, I believe because big famous people have posted it too. I feel like I have changed big time from ten years ago to now, not only my face and body, but my personality. I am more of an outgoing person.

Another person who has participated in this trend is Cierra Dale, a junior. She said, “I started seeing it on Instagram so much, and I decided to find a picture of me from ten years ago. I posted it on my Instagram. I believe I have changed a lot from ten years ago to now. My face hasn’t much, but my personality has a lot. I feel like I’m a lot nicer than I was ten years ago.”