CADRE crafts with fifth graders

Tara Wyatt, reporter

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On February 14, CADRE students went to Graham Intermediate to talk to the 5th graders about not doing drugs while informing the students about this year’s DARE Jamboree contest. The CADRE students had their sample poems, raps, and poster boards to show to the kids that were all made the day before.

After the students stopped talking to the 5th graders, the kids got to make a hand and heart craft. They traced their hands on a colored piece of paper of their choice, cut it out,  and created the sign for love in sign language with a miniature heart in the middle. To top it all off, they wrote why they were drug-free on the side of the hand. All of the CADRE members interacted with the students and helped them with getting stuff done.

With some CADRE members and their groups, there were different experiences working with the 5th graders. You had children who were willing to sit and listen to the CADRE members with an open mind. “It was fun just talking to them. It’s kind of cool to get their feedback on what we want to say because they have different opinions,” says senior Mason Raley. According to Montana Parker, senior, the classroom she was assigned to had an exceptional group of kids. “Most of the kids listened, so that was nice. They don’t act out, so it’s nice to be on a friendship level with them.”

Some of the members had some more excited kids to deal with in their classes, though it did not stop CADRE from having a fun time with them. They were just happy to spread the word about drugs being bad. “They were really fun to work with, but since it was Valentines Day, they had a lot of sugar so it was hard to keep them calm. It was fun to walk around and help the kids with the arts and crafts,” says junior Sara Rasnick.