More males choose weightlifting as past time

Brittany Burton

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Weightlifting and working out has gotten big around this area, and most guys that go to this school are very into going to the gym and getting fit. A lot of people wonder why this is becoming a big trend. Is it because of addiction, jealousy, to let out stress or just because more fitness places are coming in this area? We’ve got some new places to go work out: Planet Fitness near the mall and Anytime Fitness in Princeton and Bluefield.

Also, a huge thing is powder proteins and diets. Some guys going to this school take creatine. It can be super serious. Nate Mounts, a senior  and Keith Carbaugh, a junior, use creatine. Nate Mounts said, “I drink about two liters of water per day. Sometimes I have really bad muscle cramping because of the creatine.” Keith Carbaugh said, “I drink three liters a day. I take creatine really seriously because it could really damage my kidneys to stop.” Creatine can cause stomach pain, nausea, and muscle cramping. Creatine can make your kidney go out, and you could lose your kidney. You have to drink so much water based on your weight. If you are two hundred pounds, then you have to drink three liters of water per day.


Guys want to get fit quickly to show off their own muscles to people or just to show off in general. There is another big thing that is very serious. It’s called steroids, and you have to be careful with taking this and understand what happens when you take steroids. Steroids can cause high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, liver damage, heart failure, acne, baldness,  and aggressive and violent behavior. Most guys can get super addicted to steroids because they are caring how their body is on the outside but not on the inside. This could really make you change personally, so taking steroids has to be taken seriously and carefully. Anabolic steroids are very serious, and some guys get addicted to it.


Nate Mounts is really big into weightlifting. He has been doing weight lifting since last summer. He said, “My dad has lifted for close to seven to eight years now, and I noticed that a friend of mine started lifting over the summer, so I decided to give it a try. I take Intra and Post- BCAA’s, Creatine, and drink protein powder. I work out five to seven days a week. I workout wherever is open, whether it’s the high school gym, the community center, or Planet Fitness. I guess people see how strong people are, and they want to transform their bodies like that too. It could also be used as a stress reliever, and I have used it for that reason multiple times. There are hundreds of workouts that a person could choose to do, but if someone wanted to start working out, I’d recommend splitting the days into different body parts per day. (For instance chest and triceps, because they work together.) I’d like to see myself bench press three hundred pounds and dead lift five hundred by the end of the year. I have definitely seen improvement in myself. I used to be the smallest kid on the football team my freshman year at a steady one hundred twenty pounds. I’m now sitting around one hundred sixty five to one hundred seventy pounds. So I’ve seen myself put on weight, and I’ve gained lean muscles.”


Zach Nipper, a senior, just got into weight lifting this year. Zach said, “l was always this super skinny kid, and a lot of people said stuff because of me being skinny. When all these fitness places started to come, I really wanted to get in shape. I decided I’m going to try my best to get bigger, so I wouldn’t be a skinny stick to anyone. I thought about taking steroids, but I read about it and didn’t like the effects. I workout everyday for about two hours. I usually workout at home or Planet Fitness. I only started to workout because I didn’t like the way I looked. I usually lift about one hundred thirty pounds. I started at one hundred. I am still working on it right now trying to get bigger. I believe a lot of people started working out because of the fitness places coming to our area. They could also be doing because they don’t like the way they look. I know a lot of my guy friends workout and it pushes me to want to get bigger. I’d suggest for people who want to get big to start lifting as much as they can. I wouldn’t try to go way over because you may hurt yourself, but one day you’ll get there. I have seen myself change a lot. I’ve gotten a lot bigger muscles. That makes me like myself more. I’m going to keep trying on getting bigger.”

Keith Carbaugh got into weightlifting mostly because of sports. He does football and wrestling. Keith said, “I have been working out since ninth grade. I got into weightlifting lifting because, for football and wrestling, you’ve got to be in shape. Mostly wrestling because going against someone, you want to be bigger than the opponents, but your weight wants to be smaller. So, when you go into wrestle, you’ll have someone smaller than you. I use to be super skinny when I was younger. Ever since I got into football I got bigger. I wanted to get bigger though for wrestling. I started weightlifting and got really into it. I take creatine, and I drink protein powder. For someone who wants to get into working out I’d suggest taking protein powder while your weight lifting because I feel like that got me bigger. I used to be one hundred thirty pounds. Now I am officially at one hundred ninety pounds. I have seen a lot of improvement in myself and I’m so proud to where I have gotten. I am going to keep on weight lifting.”


A personal trainer that works at Planet Fitness at the mall, David Stille said, “ I have been working at Planet Fitness for about four months now. A typical day at work consists of doing paperwork, helping out potential and current members, maintaining the gym by checking the locker rooms and cleaning gym equipment. I have learned how to do inventory, hire new employees, make schedules, do weekly inspections, etc. I have been through several managers in all my years of working here, and I have learned a lot from all of them. While it is a very energetic and laid back job, as a team, we always complete all of our tasks. One of the hardest parts of the job is having a change in staff or management because we are all close knit. The most enjoyable part of the job would be meeting new members and having closer relationships with the current members and staff.”


A lot of people around this area has wondered why this weightlifting trend is getting so big. It could be to get rid of stress or just jealousy over other people’s physiques.  There’s so many reasons why this thing could’ve become a trend for guys. Different guys all have different reasons for working out. As long as you don’t get too obsessive with weightlifting and ruin your body on the inside, keep working out and  weight lifting if you love doing it.