Mr. Blevins Thought of the Week inspires creativity

Emily Shupe

In Mr. Blevins’ economic and personal finance class, every Wednesday there is an assignment called “Thought of the Week”.  He writes a quote, usually accompanied by a drawing that correlates to his quote, on the whiteboard. Students then go under Microsoft Word or Paint to try to copy the drawing and quote.  This gives students something inspirational to look forward to each week.

Mr. Blevins, who has done these assignments ever since he’s started teaching, said, “The reason I do Thoughts of the Week is to encourage students not only academically, but also encourage them now and in the future about the ups and the downs and the good and bad.  When I got into teaching, I wanted to encourage teens as much as I could, and this is one of the ways that I can. On Wednesdays, I explain the meaning behind the quote. After that, the students try to illustrate the drawing I have on the board with the quote. This helps them with their Microsoft Word and Paint skills. They can learn computer programs with character education.  My favorite quote would probably be ‘You are special and have great value,’ and I do it the week of prom, but a close second is ‘Do what you can when you can where you can to help others.’”

Ally Gauger, a junior who is in Mr. Blevins’ economic and personal finance class, said, “Thoughts of the Week have changed my attitude and outlook.  The way Mr. Blevins tells us a story with the quote every week is what really impacts me. For example, when we did our quote from the book Wonder it really made me think.  It’s something different; we don’t do anything else like this in any other class.  It gives me something to look forward to, and it’s probably my favorite activity we do in economics.”

Thought of the Week has been a well-loved activity for years by Mr. Blevins students.  For the past twenty years, he has influenced teens with positive thinking every week.