Social Studies team makes history at Super M.A.C.C

Tara Wyatt, reporter

For the first time in Graham history, four M.A.C.C teams — Social Studies, Science, Math, and All Around — made it to the Super M.A.C.C against the Eastern District schools on March 13 at Virginia Tech. The Social Studies team also made history by being the first to win the championship in their category, while Science, All Around, and Math finished their season after the semi-finals.

Social Studies beat George Wythe High School in the championship round, the score being 75-45. According to the Social Studies team captain, Connor White, it was a shock making it into the championship. It was even more of a shock that the championship game was the easiest game they played in a while. “I didn’t think we would make it into Super M.A.C.C at all. At the championship, we went against George Wythe High School. This was the third time we’d played them this year. And I don’t know, the questions just fell our way.”

Mr. Brown, coach of the Social Studies team, prepared his team by training them to hit the buzzer quicker than usual and giving them Quizlets to study together. The team was very satisfied with Mr. Brown as a captain once again. “Mr. Brown helped out a lot. He gave good things to study,” captain Connor White.

The rest of the teams had a fairly good season getting themselves to Super M.A.C.C. “The team did amazing. The team worked really hard. We did get very far and the whole team did hard work. We all did our very best,” said sophomore Shraddha Patel, member of the science team.

Even though the English team did their best, they were not able to qualify for Super M.A.C.C. On a good note, some of the teammates claimed that they got better as the season went on. “We weren’t the best at the beginning of the season, but as we went on, we started to get a lot better,” freshman Abby Shoemaker. Captain Sabrina Altizer has also stated that this year’s team did a lot better than the years before.