Varsity softball enters 2019 season

Tori Mitchem

The 2019 season for Varsity Softball has just recently begun, and the team has already taken home multiple wins.

 The team has played a total of five games so far this season. Their first game was on March 12 against Richlands, which was a loss of 1-16. Their next game against Bluefield, however, resulted in a win of 19-2. The next two games ended with one loss and one win both against Giles, 5-6 and 15-5 respectively. The most recent game was played on March 28 which resulted in a victory of 12-4 against James Monroe, who will also be the team’s next opponent on April 2.

  Before the team plays any games, there is much practice and preparation involved before they go out on the field. One team member, Madison Johnson, sophomore, says, “We started practicing in January. Practice has been good and really productive, and I think we have played pretty well to start off, but we will get better. I think I have met certain expectations, but I have a lot more to meet as the season goes on. I’m really excited and looking forward to the rest of the season. We have a group of very talented girls.”

 Another player, freshman Hailey Boyles, says, “Starting the season felt pretty great, and we all went out with a positive attitude. We had a few rough games, but we pull through and work harder. What I look forward to the most this season is improving and coming together with my team more than I already am.”

 One junior on the team, Adrienne Kennedy, says, “I feel like we will win a lot of games. Practice has been good, and we’ve been working hard. We’ve lost two and won three games, and I think we have done good so far,  but we can improve.”

 Congratulations to the softball team for their victories, hard work, and sportsmanship this season!