CADRE meeting prepares for DARE jamboree

Emily Shupe

On Friday, March 15, students in CADRE went to Nuckols Hall for their last county meeting of the year.  At the meeting they began with an icebreaker, a game where two students were facing each each other and tried to make the other laugh by saying “The leprechaun made me do it”.  Afterwards, students voted on the entries 5th graders had put in for the DARE contest. A first, second, and third place rap, poem, essay, and poster.. The final event of the year for CADRE members will be the DARE jamboree in May.

After the meeting was over, members went to Graham Intermediate to do another game with the fifth graders.  Students were to sit back to back as one student drew something and described their drawing thei partner, but without saying what it actually was.

Grace Ruble, a two year member of CADRE, said, “The DARE jamboree is always the best part of CADRE because you’re able to interact with the kids outside of the classroom.  I’m pretty sure the class I’m in is doing the ninja relay race, which will be exciting. The most rewarding part of CADRE to me is getting to watch the kids learn and ask questions to be able to make healthy life choices.  Being a role model to young kids is rewarding because you feel like you’re actually changing the world even if it’s just a little bit at a time. I will really miss the fifth graders once I graduate, as they always put a smile on my face.  One of the funniest things I’ll remember is how I’m one of the kid’s ‘girlfriend’ because he thought ‘I was so pretty’”.

“For the DARE jamboree, my class is over tug of war.  I’m really looking forward to watching the kids laugh and have a good time because I remember when I had my DARE jamboree.  Teaching kids and being a good influence makes you feel as if you have a big impact. We did so many fun activities with the kids this year, and I’ve made so many new little friends.  My personal favorite was when we made our Halloween craft with the brown bags. CADRE this year was not only a learning experience for the fifth graders, but also for me.” Said Arissa Anderson, a junior in her first year of CADRE.

Soon, CADRE will be busy chaperoning the DARE jamboree.