Hotsy-totsy Gatsby scenes created

Hotsy-totsy Gatsby scenes created

Autumn Jessee, Reporter

Students who ‘know their onions’ were tasked with making a scene from The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. To ‘know one’s onions’ is 20s slang for knowing what is going on. Each year Mrs.Brewster’s AP Prep English 11 classes have to recreate a scene from The Great Gatsby. The scenes may be drawn or a photograph, but they aren’t allowed to be any larger than 8.5 inches by 11 inches.  The photographs have to be done in period dress and have to have a filter that makes them look like a photo from the 1920s.

Juniors Grace Beaman and Hannah Shockley create the scene of Myrtle sharing a secret with her sister. 

The Great Gatsby is set in the 1920s and is narrated by Nick Carraway. He is living in West Egg, New York. He is neighbors with Jay Gatsby, who throws lavish parties each night to try to attract his long lost love Daisy, who is Nick’s cousin. Daisy is married to Tom, who Nick went to college with. Tom has a mistress named Myrtle, who is completely opposite to Daisy in every way. Myrtle is later accidentally killed by Daisy in a car accident. Tom blames Gatsby for Myrtle’s death, and as a reaction, Myrtle’s husband kills Gatsby and then himself.

Junior Lily Comer, who is in Mrs.Brewster’s second period said, “My inspiration for The Great Gatsby project was the scene where Tom hits his mistress, Myrtle, in the face because she was talking about his wife.  We wanted to do this scene because it showed the audience that Tom actually cared about his wife. We looked at pictures of people from the 20s to get an idea of what to wear.  We also read through the scene in the book to make it as realistic as possible.” Lily did this project with Shayla Short.

Junior Grace Beaman created the scene of Gatsby looking out the window. 

Hannah Shockley, also in Mrs.Brewster’s second period enjoyed the project because she was able to create the scenes with her friends. Her group consisted of Grace Beaman and Autumn Jessee. They created the scenes of Gatsby looking out his window, Myrtle sharing a secret with her sister, and the scene of Daisy and Jordan sitting on Daisy’s couch.

Juniors Lily Comer and Shayla Short created the scene of Tom breaking Myrtle’s nose. 

Mrs. Brewster has been doing the project for 12 years. Her most memorable project was several years ago – the students went all out and created several scenes from the book. She believes that students that have read the book are able to really capture the essence of the scene they create.

The project is interesting and it requires students to really think about how to best recreate the scenes. They have to really immerse themselves in 1920s culture and the book itself, in an attempt to accurately recreate the scenes in the book.