Varsity Boys Soccer 2019


Sara Siebenhaar, Journalist

It is officially soccer season at Graham High School. The boys varsity team’s current rank is 1-2. The season kicked off on March 14 at Giles. So far, they’ve lost two games to Giles and won once against Virginia High.


“I like soccer because it is not like other sports where there are breaks in between plays, everyone has to be constantly moving. Soccer is as much as a mental game as it is a physical game. You have to visualize what’s going to happen next and where to move and pass. The season is going well so far. We’ve dealt with some difficult circumstances, but we should still have a very successful season, and I’m really looking forward to it,” junior Benjamin White, explained.


As for practice, Alexander White, a junior, explained they run and lift mostly. At practice, they work on ball skills and specific aspects of their games they specifically need to work on. However, to stay in shape during off season, students like Alexander will play travel soccer.


Connor White, junior, plays center midfield. He explained how he played travel soccer throughout the summer and during off season. He also participates in other activities, such as track in his sophomore year.


Their next game will be held Thursday the 11,at Virginia High. Good luck to our Varsity Soccer G-Men!

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