Seniors prepare themselves for their future

Brittany Burton

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Seniors are getting close to graduating. Everyone says after you graduate, you start missing high school. 

Haley Elmore said, “Being a senior is super tough though – you have to prepare for so much. I am so ready to graduate though. I planned to become a physician. I’m not sure what college I’m going to yet, but I’m definitely going to college.

Hannah Overstreet said, “I think the senior year has been easier than other years. I have made so many new friends this year. I’m going into the military, so I can do the job I want and get paid for it. I do plan to go to college after the military. I’m not sure what job yet.”

Brendan Bone said, “I’m ready to graduate and go off to college. I may go to Southwest Community College. I may take a break from school one year then go to college. I want to enjoy at least a year off. I’m excited to move out and get my own place. I’m not going to miss this school at all.”