Spring Break blossoms


Niagara Falls in Canada on a boat to go under the Niagara Falls.

Brittany Burton

Spring break is coming up. Everyone has a spring break trip even it’s in the area or out of the area. A lot of people would love to go on their dream vacation on spring break. A dream vacation is where you can do anything you want. Many people on spring break travel to San Francisco, the Maldives, Paris, Orlando, and New York.  People have a reason why they want to go there and what their dream vacation is. It could be what they like to do or something they find really interesting.

Kayin Carson, a junior, said, “I don’t get to travel a lot, but when I do it’s to small places around here because we just can’t travel that much. If I could have a dream vacation, I would want to go to Miami, Florida. I love the beach. So, I would definitely head to the beach and stay in a huge resort with a pool and arcade room. I’d order so much food. I’d definitely order pizza at four a.m. I’d stay there for about two weeks. They have a place called Jungle Island. There is a water park there. I would be at the water park for about six hours then go look at the animals there. Venetian Pool- it’s always been my dream to go to that pool. Then I’d head to Miami Design District. I love art, so it’s my dream to go to this place. They have the Holocaust Memorial on the beach. I’ve always seen pictures of it. I want to go someday. My dream vacation, though, would cost a lot.”

Haley Elmore, a senior, said, “When I travel I usually go to Tennessee or the beach. The place I would love to go is to Canada. I would want to go to the Niagara Falls and zipline across it. I’ve seen tons of videos online. I’d would want to stay in Canada for a week then go to this big art gallery in Ontario. “I’d want to stay in a house because I’m not a big fan of hotels. I like to feel at home wherever I go.”

A senior, Olivia McPherson, said, “I travel a lot, especially to all different kind of beaches. I haven’t got to go on my dream vacation because it would cost so much. I want to go to England. I’d would want to go to Big Ben. Then head to the big Tower of London. Then stay at a resort and that has a spa and a big pool. Then I would love to travel to the Roman Baths. The Roman Baths themselves are below the modern street level. I think that would be interesting to go to.”

New York City at night time.

Another junior, Katie Crisco, said, “ I go to places close by, but I don’t really go out of the country. If I got to choose where my dream vacation would be, I’d go to New Zealand. I’d want to go to this amazing place called Wai- O-Tapu, then go to a Polynesian spa. I love spas, and these spas are really good to relax. I’d want to have a big place in New Zealand to stay. So, I could have a lot of my friends come with me, and they would have their own rooms too. Then I’d go to the Hamilton gardens. I find gardens so beautiful. Hamilton Gardens is a public garden park in the south of Hamilton owned and managed by Hamilton City Council in New Zealand.”