Baseball team begins 2019 season

Tori Mitchem

The varsity baseball team has been playing through and bringing home victories during their 2019 season.


 The team’s season began on March 12 against Fort Chiswell which resulted in a one point loss. However, they were the winner of their next two games against Princeton( 7-6 )and Giles (10-7) respectively. While they lost their next three games against Bluefield( 9-10), Giles( 1-4), and Fort Chiswell (2-19), they became winners with their game against Grundy (15-5). They lost one game( 2-3) and won another (12-2) both against James Monroe. They had another loss while playing Princeton again, but they one their next two games against Tazewell (16-6) and Richlands (10-1). The team’s more recent games resulted in a loss to Lebanon (0-10), a win to Marion( 11-2), and another win against Richlands (6-5).


 One of the players, Colin Dixon, a junior, says, “I feel good being back on the field, and I feel like we are going to have a good season. We have done pretty good so far, and I think we have improved a lot. We play better on the field because we are more together as a team. I’ve done pretty good so far, but I still have to accomplish a few more things before the season is over. My favorite part of the season has been getting to hang out with friends and play baseball.”


 Another team member, Trey Wimmer, senior, says, “The season started good. We have a good coach and a good team. We’ve been practicing since December, and we go through drills to see what we mess up on. I think we are going to have a good season, and I’m looking forward to finishing with my friends.”


  Player, Nate Mounts, senior, says, “Starting the season is always exciting. There are always new opportunities. My favorite part is when the season first started. I’ve been playing since I was four, and I think I’ve improved every year. I think the team has also improved a lot from years past.”


 Congratulations to the baseball team for their hard work and success this season! The team’s next game will be held on May 10 against Virginia.