SADD impacts student peer pressure

Emily Shupe

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This year SADD has done so much for our school and community.  With meetings one Friday every month, they always discuss the destructive decisions students make.

Jazmin Scarberry, the president of SADD, said, “My favorite thing was Operation Christmas Child. It was where we sent items such as toothbrushes and soap overseas.  Also when we tie-dyed our t-shirts, I had an amazing time I won’t forget. Everyone’s turned out great! It felt great to be president of a club this year, and SADD is an impactful club.  I got to make executive decisions which made me feel like I had a voice. As high schoolers I know we’re influenced by our peers. For example, distracted driving is a real problem among teens, and driving is already dangerous.  I’m really going to miss SADD when I graduate. It’s helped me make so many new friends and Mr. Blevins made it so much fun!”

Mr. Blevins, the SADD representative, said, “This year has been the most students I’ve ever had in SADD.  It’s crazy to think we have 44 students participating in this club. I really enjoyed tie-dying shirts the other day – we’ve done this for several years.  The topic I most talk about is traffic safety, as I think it affects students the most.  Years ago SADD was started by a junior named Brittany. She was into beauty pageants and thought of the topics they talk about.  Now SADD is still going steady 15 years later.”

SADD had another successful year. Let’s hope the upcoming year is as good as this year!