Spring Artists of the Month artwork on display in the office

Peyton Terry

Desiree Espinoza’s artwork is currently on display in the office.

Sophomore Caleb Bauer was the Artist of the Month for the month of April. His oil pastel, “Sunset on a Relaxing Day,” earned this honor. “I was so surprised when I found out that I won,” said Bauer. His artwork took a lot of time and he was very proud of it’s final look. “I really enjoy this class and I’m glad my work was able to be displayed in the office,” said Bauer. He loves the beach and that is what gave him the inspiration. “I really love the colors of this picture,” said fellow art student Leandra Stinson. She said that the picture reminds her of summer and how it makes her miss it.

Freshman Desiree Espinoza is the Artist of the Month for the month of May. She used pointillism and markers to make her picture. Her nature scene with mushrooms was a given assignment that took two weeks. “I love to do art in my free time especially drawing,” said Espinoza. She prefers to use pen or colored pencil when she draws in her free time with lots of neon colors. “I love the way her picture is shaded and all the dots,” said  Leandra Stinson. She said the picture made her feel inspired and gave a sort of fantasy feeling.

A new artist is picked every month by Mrs. Cockerham and administration. Each student chosen’s work is displayed in the office for the month they’ve won.