Girls tennis wins over half of matches this season so far

Peyton Terry

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The Graham Girls Varsity Tennis team’s season is going well. The team has improved greatly throughout the season so far. Their current rank is 6-5, and their district rank is 3-3. Head coach Courtney Oxford is so proud of the teams improvement so far and is hoping the team makes it far this season.


“It is my first year on the team, and I believe the season is going very well,” said freshman Sharayu Janga. She shares a common goal with the rest of the team which is to make it far this season and get better all around as a team. She explained that the team works very hard at practice working on hand-eye coordination, drills, and playing matches against each other.


“I’m excited to be coaching the team for a second year this season,” said Coach Courtney Oxford. She has played tennis all her life growing up and loves the group of girls she is able to coach. “Tennis is a mental toughness sport and takes not only athletic ability but also to be good,” said Oxford.

“I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this team,” said freshman Cheyenne Graham. She looks forward to all practices and being with her team everyday. “Matches can be difficult, especially serving but I really enjoy the sport,” said Graham.


The team’s current standings:

Singles:                                 Doubles:

(9th grade)                           Darrah Young / Abby Peterson -6

Abby Peterson-6                  Shayla Short / Deanna Grossi -5

                                            Ann Gray Perdue / Laken Puckett-4

(10th grade)

Darrah Young-6

Ann Gray Perdue-5

Laken Puckett-4



Shayla Short-6

Deanna Grossi-3