Makeup’s impact applies around the modern world


Lakyn Hawks applies her mascara between classes

Tori Mitchem, Reporter

 Over the years, makeup has become increasingly popular. In today’s society, its impact is becoming more noticeable than ever. All around the world people are using these cosmetics much more often and for various reasons such as beauty, art, a career, etc. There can be many physical and mental benefits of wearing makeup, but these products can also have a strong negative effect as well. Whether good or bad, makeup has made its way into everyday life and is having a significant influence on it.


 Makeup has been used since ancient times, and the earliest use of makeup dates back to the ancient Egyptians. In Egypt, women often used things such as berries and burnt matches to enhance their lips and eyes. They also used a substance called kohl, which was an early form of eyeshadow, so that they could imitate their gods. Grecian and Roman women also adopted the use of this early cosmetic, but they used it more for beauty purposes. Eyeshadow was later spread to other countries where it was deemed as a symbol of status because of its great expense. Many years later, during the Victorian era, women used things such as rice powder and lip balm to cover up blemishes and protect and add shine to the lips. Although eyeshadow was still popular during this time, those that wore it were subtle about the amount they used. During the 20th century in the US, makeup trends changed throughout various decades in which things such as the smokey eye of the 20s and the rainbow look of the 70s became popular. Today, makeup is worn in many different styles and various trends for things such as ways to apply makeup to the eyes, eyebrows, and lips have become popular. One student, Anna Lewis, junior, says, “I think that makeup makes you look pretty. It’s very popular now, and almost every girl uses it. I think many more people are wearing it than last year, but people still have different opinions about it.”


 Overall, makeup has affected modern society in a number of significant ways. Each year, billions of dollars are spent on cosmetics, and makeup today is viewed as an art form more than ever. Despite some of the negativity and stereotypes that makeup itself and those that wear it have faced, it is much more accepted and appreciated, and those that work in careers involving beauty are being taken much more seriously. Even those that started making vlogs and YouTube videos involving their makeup hobbies have now turned it into a successful career. This success has also provided these people with the opportunity to collaborate with others in the industry which, in return, has led to the creation of various popular cosmetic products and even new makeup lines.


 Along with the currently booming makeup industry comes many benefits of purchasing and using these products. First of all, wearing makeup can build one’s confidence. Wearing makeup can make a person feel more in control and studies show that those who wear makeup feel much more comfortable in social situations. Makeup can also make a person look more presentable and give off the impression of self-care. Since makeup contributes to these things, it can help people obtain certain jobs, and it can make those who wear it appear to have the happiness and positivity that draws others towards them. The use of cosmetics also opens the door for creativity and originality. With the common message in society to “be yourself,” people can use the different colors, shades, and styles of makeup to create a look that is unique to them that can make the strong statement that they are wanting to convey. Laykyn Hawks, junior, says, “I love makeup. I think it is a way to express yourself on your face. I think it makes me look better, and it gives me the self confidence in life that allows me to do the things that I haven’t before. I think that in the past people didn’t like makeup as much because it made them seem fake, but I think today people realize that they don’t need makeup, but that it is a form of art.”


 However, there are also many negative effects of wearing makeup. First of all, makeup can be very costly. With all the increasing prices on popular makeup brands, people are having to spend much more than in the past, and it can take a great deal of one’s funds to keep up with this hobby. Secondly, makeup can be difficult to remove, and for those that wear makeup almost every day, it can seem like an exhausting task to eliminate every bit of it from the face. Another con is that when people become accustomed to wearing makeup, they feel as though they do not look right without it, which can lead to a decrease in self-esteem and a desire to never go out without wearing any. One major negative effect of makeup is skin damage. It has been well known that makeup can contribute to an increase in acne if not used or removed properly, but it can also lead to more serious things such as sickness, infections, or cold sores from either sharing makeup with others or spreading bacteria from their own faces and hands. Therefore, it is important to use caution with the amount of makeup one uses, and take into account the cleanliness of the makeup itself, the brushes used, and the hands and faces of all who put it on. Along with this, it is also important to consider what type of makeup is best suited for one’s skin to reduce this acne, skin damage, and much worse. “When girls become used to wearing makeup, they can feel like they are not pretty enough to go out without wearing it. Girls can lose a sense of their actual beauty and rely on makeup up to look a certain way. In addition, I think there can be some health side effects from wearing makeup which could include headaches, skin discoloration, acne, and eye infections,” says Mr. Blevins.


 In high schools throughout the country, as well as this one, many students have made applying makeup part of their daily routine. With all of the pressure teens face, whether it comes from those around them or the media, it has lead many to feel to need to make an image for themselves, and many believe makeup can help do just that. While makeup can affect teens in positive ways like the rest of society such as building confidence and promoting self-expression, the negative effects such as low self-esteem and skin damage can be more prevalent. With all of the stress teens go through trying to obtain the perfect look, they can easily look down upon themselves and feel as though they do not meet the standards of society when they are bare-faced. Since teens are still developing and many of their hormones are active, it is already typical for them to have skin issues, and the improper use or unsanitary sharing of makeup could put them at a higher risk for developing these problems than adults. Another student, Bethany Corner, junior, says, “I think makeup allows people to be their own person. I feel like some girls at this school wear it, and some girls don’t. When it comes to makeup hurting or helping people, I think it could go both ways. I don’t think makeup is good for people’s skin, and it can make people feel like they are hiding behind something.”


 In conclusion, makeup’s popularity does not seem to be decreasing anytime soon. While it has changed in many ways from the past, some of its primary uses are still beauty and self-care. Makeup in modern society is viewed by many as a work of art, and even though there can be risks when using makeup, there can also be significant benefits. The effect of makeup has not only been spreading throughout this school and others but throughout the world.


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