Prom creates lasting memories

Emily Shupe

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Saturday, April 27, was a night to remember for juniors and seniors.  Prom started at 8 pm and ended at midnight at Fincastle on the Mountain.  This was a time for students to dress formally and celebrate the theme.

Jazmin Scarberry, who was elected prom queen, said, “I was caught off guard when I won.  I had just said to my friends who my guesses were for who would win and then they called my name.  It was a complete shock at first and it took a moment for me to actually take it all in. I threw my stuff down and ran on stage.  It will be a night I will remember forever. Prom this year was a big step up from last year because this year it was way more mellow.  I loved the card games at the tables and the decorations. My favorite moment of the night was winning prom queen, but I also had a great time just going out to eat with my friends beforehand.”

Brendan Bone, prom king, said, “When I heard my name I was so hyped up and surprised.  This year, prom was amazing because I won king and my date was the best. Also, my tuxedo looked great with my flashy pink socks.”

“Winning princess made my night.  I wasn’t expecting it at all and when I heard my name I couldn’t believe it.  The teachers did amazing with the decorations, and it makes me even more excited for prom next year,” said Cheyenne Osborne, Prom Princess.  

Miss Cantrell, who chaperoned prom this year, said, “Everything went smoothly, and the decorations looked great.  I loved the photo booth and seeing all of the pretty dresses. I’d love to do it again next year.”

“My favorite part of prom was just dancing with my friends and getting to hang out with my date.  I really enjoyed myself and it took me a few days to realize this was my senior prom and then I got a little upset,” said Jayden Hearn, a senior.  

Many students worked hard on making sure Prom was a night that we will all remember.