Students of the Month named for March and April

Sara Siebenhaar, Journalist

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On April 5th, students Jonathan Du, junior, and Abbagail Cook, senior, were named Students of the Month for March. The theme of the month of March is courage and integrity. Courage and integrity can be shown in different ways.


Abbagail explains, “Integrity to me is making the right decision, no matter the consequences.” She then added, “I was so happy to be named Student of the Month, especially because it is my senior year. I was proud to be called courageous, it made me feel special.”


Du was surprised upon being nominated, “I feel like I haven’t done anything special, but then I remembered my struggles and felt proud for getting through them.” He continued, “Being courageous means to go through struggles bravely.” He finished this off with, “I think anyone can be courageous. It doesn’t mean to have no fear, it means to get through despite your fears.”


Shravan Jenga, Jonathan’s friend, claims, “Jonathan works very hard. He puts his best foot forward and does his best.” He exclaimed he was happy to be his friend.


In continuation, Sara Rasnick, junior, is in small group choir with Abbagail and made the comment, “She is so talented and performs well. She always offers help if anyone needs it. We don’t sing in the same section, but I can still see how talented she is.”


Congrats to these students for getting the recognition they deserve for their bravery.


Shayla And Nate The following month of April, students Shayla Short and Nate Mounts won for being fair.


“I see being fair as putting no one above anyone else.” Nate Mounts explained, “I think I do this well.”


Mark Clary, a close friend of Nate Mounts, almost directly said the same thing as Nate, “I think he is fair because he doesn’t put anyone above anyone else. He is the peacekeeper in our friend group. He listens to everyone and puts what they say into consideration. He is like the dad of our group.”


Shayla Short, however, defined fairness as “giving everyone an opportunity.” When asked how she shows fairness, she says, “In tennis, I try to make sure everyone gets to play, and if they can’t I try to help, if that counts for anything.”


When a tennis player and close friend of Shayla’s was asked, the junior, Deanna Grossi said, “She is so nice to everyone and listens to everyone. I think that this is what I like about her the most.”


Congrats to these students, and may they continue to shine.