Student participation needed for club survival

Payton Prevento

There are a large variety of clubs offered at Graham, but some started to fall apart during the previous school year. Many clubs, such as Interact, Environmental, Pep Club, Book Club, and Forever Golden have struggled maintaining membership and participation.

Forever Golden, a club created by former student, Nicole Gabe, was started after one of her close friends committed suicide due to bullying. Nicole’s goal was to raise awareness about bullying and suicide prevention. She started the club about 5 or 6 years ago, says club sponsor, Debra Brewster. 

Due to Mrs. Hurley’s departure, the club has recently fizzled out. The change in adult leadership caused Forever Golden to only have one meeting in the previous school year. 

The new club sponsor, Ms. Sheets, and the previous sponsor, Mrs. Brewster, both stated that they would love to see new membership within the club. They hope to discuss and brainstorm new activities with students involved in the club to make this school year more successful. Ms. Sheets hopes to build the club back up and encourage the message that the club sends throughout the school. 

Book Club meets twice a month to discuss the books each member has been reading. Sometimes they would read the same book, and other times, the books chosen would be based on genre or author. Approaching the end of the school year, the club president often forgot about the meetings, causing book club to be cancelled. 

Although membership began to fade towards the springtime, sponsor, Mrs. Metcalfe, and president, Autumn Jessee, were very enthusiastic for the new year. “I’m really optimistic about Book Club, we have a lot of new faces that came in this year!” says Autumn. 

Goals for the current year are to start a book exchange. Each member would bring in a book from their personal library and exchange the book with other members to read. Another goal is to see new faces in meetings. “I would like to see the membership grow and continue so there is someone to take Autumn’s place after she graduates,” says Mrs. Metcalfe. 

Alexander White, president of the Interact Club, says weather interfered a lot with community service activities, Although sponsor, Mrs. Klander, believes more students are involved with sports, academics, and other activities. 

Alexander’s goals for the upcoming year are to bring more people in and have more hours logged for community service. To gain more student activity, Mrs. Klander wishes to start having breakfast during meetings.

Environmental Club is another club that people have ceased to attend. Former president,  Benjamin White, says that many people were unaware about meetings and community service activities were often interrupted by weather. As a member of Environmental Club this year, his aspirations are to invite more people into the club and to plan more activities throughout the year.

Last years Pep Club began to disassemble when basketball season came around. Previous club president, Jonathan Oster, was unable to lead the student section due to him being part of the basketball team. There was a lack of cooperation and interest in the student section, says one of the new Pep Club leaders, Frankie Wilkinson. 

There have been many changes within the Pep Club this year. Instead of a president and vice president, the seniors have voted for an oligarchy, a small group to rule. The Pep Club oligarchy plan to be more organized and be more authoritative with club rules.

Student involvement is critical for club survival. Frankie Wilkinson, member of Pep Club’s new oligarchy, finds it important to participate in clubs. Frankie says it brings students together,creates bonds between students and teachers, and helps guide students in the right direction. 

Autumn Jessee says, “It’s really important to be involved in different activities. Book Club is a good one if you’re not a very extroverted person. We’re very chill.” No matter what your personality is, there is a club for you offered at Graham.