Students two-step into the hoedown


Autumn Jessee, Editor

On September 7, 2019, Cheer Nation hosted a Hoe Down in the new gyms at Graham High School. This is the first dance hosted at the school in several years. Admission was $7, and the funds went to the cheer team for  purchasing new uniforms and sets. 

Cheer coach Mrs. Debra Brewster said that there were around 60 students in attendance; she thinks the attendance was so low because school hosted dances are new for the students. Mrs. Brewster says, “We are planning a Homecoming dance. The cheer parents will chaperone. However, they are trying to get a count of students that would like to attend.”  The cheer team came up with theme. They thought the country theme would be fun because Graham played Tazewell the night before. 

Isabella Edwards (12) is on the cheer team and would like to have more dances. She said that  the best part was how everyone went all out in dressing up to match the theme. She enjoyed the theme and thought it was very suiting considering we played Tazewell the night before. Laken Chronister (12) also on the cheer team said, “ I enjoyed dancing and listening to country songs with all of my friends. I loved the theme; almost everyone had an outfit to go with it and plenty of songs. I would love for there to be more school dances. It was really fun and a memory I will cherish forever.” 

Lily Comer (12) said, “I think the hoedown was a success, even though a lot of people didn’t show up, I still had a really good time. I think that theme dances are good, because they give us a chance to dress up and go to the dance. I would like to attend more dances at school because it’s senior year and dances are fun.” Makeinze Phipps (12) said she wishes more people had came so they would have experienced the fun like she and her friends did. She would like to have more simple, themed dances. Krislyn Thomas (12) said that she didn’t enjoy the theme because she didn’t have the clothes to fit the hoedown theme. Thomas said, “I think the attendance was low because no one knew what the dance was for.” 

Even though this dance had a small turnout, it is encouraging that the school has started to host dances. The homecoming dance will hopefully have a bigger turnout.