Community sprints for the Calfee family

Cole Cline, Reporter

     On Saturday, September 7, around eighty people came together at Bluefield City Park to run, walk, and raise money for Will Calfee. The event, Graham Spirit 5k, was hosted by Cheer Nation and fundraised a large amount of money for Will.

Cole Cline

     The Graham Spirit 5k was hosted at Bluefield City Park and consisted of three and a half laps around the road that goes around the park. Free water bottles were given to all of the runners sponsored by Cheer Nation. Awards and recognition was given to the top three runners in the race. Three of Graham High students finished in the top three positions in the race in the age group 13-18 years old. Alexander (12) and Benjamin White (12) are credited with winning first place in the race, followed by Gavin Hoops (11).

Cole Cline

     “This is a positive event for the community because it brings everyone together,” says Cheyenne Osborne (12). All of the runners and walkers from the community have come together for a reason, to give support for a local student. “It is important for the community to come together and help support,” says Benjamin White (12).

     The theme of the Graham Spirit 5k was to wear crazy socks along with the Will’s Warriors t-shirts. Many members of Cheer Nation joined along in the fun including Stella Gunter (10), ”I wore my socks that have pineapples with sunglasses.” Many other participants joined in the crazy sock theme, such as Benjamin White (12), ”I have on socks with pizza and Santa Claus.”