Seniors give fresh advice


Payton Prevento

Whether it is the first year in high school or the last, students of all ages have concerns and questions.

Payton Prevento, Reporter

The transition out of, and into high school can be a hard step for many students. Several seniors have offered advice in order to ease freshmen worries. Freshmen are looking forward to a fun and exciting high school career. 

Being part of the atmosphere is Ethan Stinson’s (12) favorite part of high school. He enjoys clubs and activities and thinks the pep assemblies and school pride are important. Some clubs that Stinson recommends joining are MACC, Values, and CADRE. 

Coming into high school, Stinson was still trying to find himself, but throughout the past four years he has created his own personality. “I came into high school with style and I’m going to go out with style.” Stinson’s advice to the freshmen is, “Don’t tick Brew off!”

  Sara Siebenhaar (12) says her favorite part of high school would be the school musicals and contest play because theater is an outlet for her. Coming into high school, Sara was less opinionated and cared about what others thought of her. “As a senior, I just do what I want.”

  Sara’s advice to the class of 2023 is to not take high school too seriously. “It ain’t that deep.” She recommended sports, theater, art, and to “do whatever you’re interested in.”

  Jonathan Du (12) suggested to try clubs to see what you’re interested in. He also said to not be afraid to speak up and ask for help. Hayden Morgan (12) encourages the freshmen to join clubs and to study for the SAT and ACT. “Take classes that benefit you and don’t follow everyone else, don’t clout chase.”

  Many freshmen are apprehensive about entering a new school and environment. 

Mallory Brown (9) says she is worried about having her dad as a teacher. Her goals for high school are to get all A’s and to join sports teams.

Janayah Mason (9) is excited because it is her first year in high school. She says it is more peaceful in high school and there is less drama. Her goals are to pass her SOL’s and join sports like volleyball.

Gabe Hall (9) finds learning important so he can get into a good college like Virginia Tech. Gabe is interested in joining FBLA and basketball. He says the teachers are better at the high school compared to the middle school. 

  Jared Heffinger (9) thinks the independence is the biggest difference. He was worried about the upperclassmen because they are intimidating, but he is no longer worried. Ryan Boyles (9) is excited about baseball and football and thinks learning is an important part of school.